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About CevicheStop

In 2021, Chef Walther and his wife Diana opened the doors to CevicheStop in Culver City. From those first days, it has now evolved into a Fine-Casual full-service restaurant experience with indoor and outdoor seating, as well as take out, catering for home, office, events, and more.

Peruvian food is characterized by variety, a fusion of influences and flavors from Europe (French, Spanish, Italian, German), Africa, Asia (Chinese, Japanese), among others. Chef Walther takes inspiration from this complexity.

Today, Chef Walther seamlessly blends his beloved Peruvian cuisine with an innovative and international twist, offering Los Angeles diners a culinary experience at CevicheStop that is totally unique. His cooking style is modern without ever losing his roots, using only the finest ingredients. Chef Walther likes to say: “It’s all about the love and passion I put into every single dish.”

Welcome to CevicheStop: The Best Ceviche in LA!

About Our Chef